Thursday, October 7, 2010

Flock I final... An interesting experiment!

With this one, I tried to create a subtle movement swinging back to the left while the birds are flying in unison towards the right...

... in essence, trying to recreate the feeling I had when I experienced this for the first time while accompanying my father during a hunting trip. I must have been not much older that 10 years old... so the experience had quite an impact on me! This short series is to honor my father who celebrated his ninety second birthday last September.

I'll be using these animal paintings as a preamble to paint the human form in an elusive way... I'm getting bored with static renditions!


amber said...

Hey Ron!!
I was getting tired of the bog thing ,but I notice with me I need to make a conscious effort with change to keep myself motivated-(in all aspects of my life)
You know what---I love the fact that we met and I can put a voice and face to your comments-something much more personal makes getting a message from you so much better
I love where your recent painting ids leading to--I'll elaborate later--GTG feed those hungry kids chow

Ron Gravel said...

Amber, I'm touched! I like consulting your blog posts... its like a habit that brings comfort! I also consult your blog to access your list of artists. By the way, recently, I discovered the stats section of Blogger (design mode). I now know that my audience goes beyond Canada and even comes from Russia, Japan, France, etc... Some people find it inconvenient to comment on Blogger, particularly if they don't have a Google account... so the presence of comments is not everything!