Saturday, April 23, 2016

While taking a relative break from painting... an experiment!

Back from vacation, I let go of any serious work, preferring to experiment to delineate the boundaries within which I intend to work with my future works dedicated to the body...

There is potential in the transparent application of paint on raw canvas, but a next step would be to overlay passages of thicker paint while selectively leaving certain "first pass" passages intact... in the end it's a matter of balance!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Return from vacation... evaluating new directions!

Spending 10 days in Samana allowed me to decompress artistically speaking...

Back to drawing classes, I realize that my drawing capabilities improved to such an extent that I have much more freedom of expression in that medium than in painting. While on vacation, I toyed with the idea of allowing more freedom of expression in my painting, in essence dragging some of that newly found fluidity into my painting process... Over the years, I have developed a number of techniques which I could use more freely, all at once!