Monday, October 25, 2010

Bateman como pretexto - American recession I final... Trying to make a mark with marks!

A busy weekend as a helper at a house construction site and as the "constant gardener" getting ready for winter. I gave a last kick at the can at my painting in progress this morning...

 This time around I used self leveling gel to make embossed marks on metallic paint (photographing the painting in the sun would help visualize this). The effect is interesting at different viewing angles . With regard to the messaging behind this painting, I'll leave it open to interpretation!

Note: I'm interested in incorporating multi-layered  meanings in my future works using colors and graphics. This is a timid 1st attempt, so to speak!


Nicole said...

Salut Ron

J ai bien hate de la voir en personne.

Belle journee a Liege. Demain qq courses et la valise a faire pour le depart. Ca ser pas facile a l aéroport. Mais bon Luc est bien heureux et Namur est une belle ville.
A plus tard.

Ron Gravel said...

Nicole, je t'appelle de Cowansville demain, peut-être vers 7:00 h ton heure... J'ai hâte de te revoir, c'est pire sachant que le temps approche!