Monday, November 1, 2010

Behind women's eyes VIII - extended... Back to deconstruction!

Busy these days with the winterization of my home and that of my parents, I still find some time to keep plugging  away with my experiments on deconstruction...

 ... evidently for me, it's easier to deconstruct a relatively finished image than to systematically produce a deconstructed one right from the start in a step-wise fashion... I just don't have that kind of imagination! For this one, I started wiping out paint like crazy for the first time... another technique I had shied away from... this is perhaps a good omen!

Note to self: "This is worth pursuing!"


amber said...

Yes my friend... worth pursuing indeed

Ron Gravel said...

Hi Amber, thanks for stopping by. Because of my delayed exhibition now scheduled early Feb(I already have too many paintings to present!), I find myself in the mood to experiment and implement any crazy idea that comes to mind! Some results will be "happier" than others ;)

P.S. Are you up to your eye balls in commissions?