Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bateman como pretexto - American recession II - step I... Back to the sarcastic me!

Although I'm still intrigued about metallic paint for certain applications, I believe my future resides elsewhere... a deduction from my recent experiments in that area! I'm back to raw canvas with this one...

 My next step will be to introduce some interesting patterns in the sky without competing too much against the flying birds, which also need further refinements...

I'll be staining and dripping... hopefully not down the drain! I hope the bald eagle will not take it too personally .... but it's something I have to get out of my system!

Note to self: "This crude ground (raw canvas) appeals to the crude part in me! Sooner or later, I'll be painting on the ground using both charcoal and paint, like the men from Lascaux!"

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