Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Flamenco dancer I - step III... Putzing around but not quite ready for the "Puliputzer" prize!

I finally engaged in my destructive ways with the painting currently on the block...
 I'm left somewhat bewildered... but not stunned enough not to see the potential behind this technique! A few targeted interventions, if any, should do it for me.

Note to self: "I couldn't walk and chew gum with this one due to an uncomfortable new technique for me. Better get used to it though... if I'm to leave behind my old ways!"


Esther Barend - Expressionista said...

It's good to experiment.
Of course you can get frustrated if it doesn't come out the same way as the picture in your head.
But you should not be too result oriented.
You want to switch your style.. but why?
Everyone has his own 'signature'. In fact, that is your basis.
It's good to experiment from that basis.
If you really want to switch it drastically, I advice you to push the button.
Enter your heart, uncover your deepest feelings.
Take a canvas, cover your walls, and start throwing the paint on your canvas.
Make large movements, use whatever tools you can get. One can paint with his shoe you know...
Apply paint and remove, don't be scared.
If it makes you feel good, continue.
If it's not your cup of tea... get back to your basis and experiment from that point.
Lots of succes!

Ron Gravel said...

Thanks for your generosity Esther!!!!!!!!!