Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bateman como pretexto - American recession III final... Ending the trilogy cold turkey!

My main purpose with this series was to pursue my experiments with different grounds (raw linen, raw cotton and metallic underpainting). I also wanted to give a shot at some conceptual art...

 Linen provided a cold background (above painting), cotton a warm one (middle painting, first picture) and metallic paint (painting on the right, first picture) some interesting reflections depending on the viewing angle. The use of raw canvas is interesting from the stand point of allowing staining techniques like watercolors, as well as textural effects without having to rely on heavy paint. There is also the possibility of using charcoal sticks to obtain blacks and grays very much like Chinese black ink.

With these new tools, I'm ready for some serious work  on a new series: "Smoke and mirrors". 

Note to self: "This exercise has reinforced my desire to pursue expressionism, in other words, temporarily swinging back to a more conservative approach has led to a counter effect in the other direction! In particular, I want to further explore deconstruction techniques and color."

Subnote to self: "I'm no Tapies!"

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