Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Grand kids portrait - final... cultivating the unfinished look!

I painstakingly went for the unfinished look with this one...

... it took more time not to destroy what was originally spontaneous! The background looks like it's been done by a 3 year old (with crayons!)... a major accomplishment on my part (joke)!

I used to be sloppy at the early stage knowing that I could play "catch up" towards the end using as many layers as needed. I got caught by surprise with this one. I applied full color at the early stage alla prima... and ended up with a plausible picture.

For some reason, the right size of eyes for the girl escaped me from the beginning, a crucial feature to depict the right age; I've been sketching the boy for a while, it's the first time for the girl, clearly familiarity makes a difference! Backing off 15 feet from time to time to check proportions needs to become part of my routine.

Note to self: "For the first time since I've been using acrylics, I feel that the real artist in me is emerging. This painting really expresses my feelings about these two kids: i.e., a whole lot of love and positive emotions! In view of this experience, I need to revise my ways! "

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