Saturday, January 9, 2010

Yoga pose VII - final... at the crossroad of something!

Here is one of those paintings that parts enough from previous ones to raise the question: where I am going from now?

I am attracted to the "monolithic block" presence of my previous paintings, a result of the close up views, the movement in the compositions and the large nuanced color areas (multiple layers of semi transparent colors were applied using the palette knife and the brush in succession) . This one has more vibrations in the paint itself creating a different type of movement due to my simultaneous use of the palette knife and the brush (textures were created with the brush by dragging thick paint previously applied with a palette knife in selected areas).

It's this notion of imprecision that is now haunting me.... the possibility of rendering vibrating, pulsating bodies... I can't wait for the next painting!

Meanwhile in the living room...

... thank God the sun is back!

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