Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yoga pose IX - final step... what next?

I managed to finish this one with restraint...

Each time I get involved in a new process, I feel like I'm doing "arts & crafts" and not painting... simply because I get engulfed in the process more than in the act of painting. Up to now, I have developed enough of an armamentarium to face some of the challenges of acrylic painting and even pretend that I'm an artist (I'm not sure if I ever will be one!). At this very moment, I feel like throwing all that away (figuratively, of course, since the techniques that I've learned are now part of me) and just respond to any new subject, simply expressing my feelings about it in paint the best I can... with no preconceived ideas about method or technique...

Note to self: "When competing in any combat sport, there is no pre-planned way of dealing with any opponent's attack. This is done with the spirit of "mind like water" responding with the appropriate technique to any moves coming from the opponent. I'd like to approach my future works in the same spirit!"

Sub-note to self: "I think I'm trying to tell myself that if it's expressionism that I want, I should go all the way or at least try!"

Note: I capitalized on the presence of the sun to update the photo. Colors are more accurate. I'm having a hard time avoiding reflected light on textured surfaces.

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