Monday, June 14, 2010

Sun shine girl - step II ... riding the wave but not working too hard!

This morning, I felt like painting but without investing too much effort... as if painting a watercolor sketch ...

Painting water has this suiting effect on me... just thinking about color and movement but not much else... gee, like painting in an abstract fashion! This is a 30 X 30 canvas.

I will keep plugging away with my renovation in the basement, but may still be able to paint... by spurt!

Note to self: "If I want expressionism, I need to be able to live with results from my first impulses ... and, more and more, I have a sense that this is a palpable objective! My inclination to use transparent color layers over white canvas made this virtually impossible: there was never enough paint after a few layers for a "finished" commercial product to emerge. Working on a fairly opaque colored background though, still using transparent color layers, can circumvent this problem! The previous painting and the one above illustrate well the 2 approaches I'm referring to."

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