Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dreamed about the jaguar... obsessed by the creation of images that emerge from total darkness!

Recently, by some hazard, my attention was drawn to the works of artists using black steel with some rust as a painting surface. This along with my experience from the Yoga series have sent me on the path to image creation "from the dark" (dark background) as opposed to "from the light" (white canvas).

Last night I had a weird dream about a jaguar where I seemed to be in control, a good omen... so the timing seemed to be perfect to make a bold experiment...

This was the result after 45 minutes of work on a loose piece of canvas (20 X 24)... I want the face to emerge totally natural with vibrant colors while capitalizing on the imperfections from the background. I see an advantage in separating abstraction from figuration, i.e., dealing with them separately (the background was done first). It's sort of akin to not being able to walk and chew gum at the same time!

Note: It's strange that I dreamed about a jaguar. I have no allegiance to the animal except that I've been in Guatemala and Mexico and that I like the Spanish pronunciation of the word "jaguar". The animal is associated with power, agility and speed... and the realization of long term goals (dream interpretation).

Note to self: "I seem to get restless in-between series, in a quest for something new. I need to channel this restlessness into action... perhaps using the spirit of the jaguar in its solitary pursuits!"

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Ron Gravel said...

I'm glad you recognized yourself Val! I will soften the features a bit in step 2... but I'm still after the portrayal of a "macha"... so may be you should put your seat belt on :) evidently, this is totally experimental...