Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Taking stock... and committing to specific avenues... inspired by Lake Placid!

Nothing beats a walk in fresh air to clear up the mind and regain a sense of direction. Spending the day at Lake Placid yesterday in good company was perfect timing as I'm currently reevaluating my artistic objectives for 2012 ...

Merci Robert et Monique for being our touristic guides in this beautiful area in upstate New-York... just before the snow! This is Mirror Lake downtown Lake Placid.

After some cogitation on my part, in terms of style, I want to develop  two streams of works next year: one visceral and high impact, the other more subdued and Zennish. I'd like to emphasize artistic aspects (paint for the sake of paint, mixed styles) rather than illustrative aspects using the vocabulary that I've developed so far (color palettes, brush strokes, painting knife work, glazes, refraction, deconstruction). Based on my experiments, I'd like to use the best technique for each support (primed cotton, raw cotton, raw cotton/linen). In terms of subject matter, I want to pursue close-ups of faces and bodies but, this time... relying more on live sketches rather than video stills or photos, and also shying away from any overt narrative content or the clear communication of a specific idea. There is also the possibility of creating a female personage (a vamp?) that could be featured in  a series, something I've been toying with for a while...

This year has been a year of intense technical exploration tackling different supports and diverse subjects and themes. The idea of putting a concrete idea on canvas with some ambiguity was important for a while. Moving forward, after 4 years with acrylics, I'd like to purely test my artistic ability... using less brain and more heart!

Note to self: "My urgency  to create a painting a week should be curbed. From now on, I want to concentrate at delivering high impact works without any concerns about speed of execution. In other words, I want to be driven by whatever it takes to get there, i.e., what's in my head."

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