Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jaguar woman final... Trying to zero in on some prototype "jaguar woman"!

I remained prudent with this one as I collated different parts from two different models... I stuck to a monochromatic color scheme not to introduce too many variables at the same time!

Next year, I'd like to leverage "the vamp" and the "jaguar woman" in 2 colorful experimental series... just for laughs! I will use the muse as a "body model"...

Note: The first step for this painting represents best where I wanted to go initially... but because the rendering for my jaguar skin back ground was below par, I had to change strategy along the way and go with a more opaque approach.

Note to self: "Deep down, I've always wanted to paint like Frank Frazetta! I see these series as an opportunity to get this out of my system... at least when it comes to subject matter, certainly not style!"

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