Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gearing up slowly... digging from my bank of sketches and my memory!

Still not ready for some serious work... nonetheless, not willing to remain completely inactive from an artistic standpoint. Ten years ago, I was in Cuba for a sales meeting and couldn't resist capturing this slender South-American woman from Argentina.... with a rather abbreviated watercolor sketch. I pushed my luck on a 16 X 16 piece of raw canvas to see what I could do in one sitting over a couple of hours...

As a second thought, I pushed the painting a little further to add more drama (in actuality, there was a shower station in this scene by the ocean side)...

 I see some potential for free-style painting from memory and rough sketches... as I seem to be in a state of readiness to graduate to that level. I want to resuscitate the technique that I developed during the first part of this year with raw cotton/linen. Very large formats are ideal for this technique though (not this small size) to capitalize on the abstract quality of textures in close-up view.

Note to self: "Since I leverage abstraction in close-ups and large scale works, my smaller scale works will need to be much more abstract so that they align to my larger works."

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