Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ultimate fighter VII -step II... a total wipe out!

I'm still experimenting with paint application with this second step, strategically wiping out paint here and there after each application...

 I lost some valuable darks as I got carried away with this new technique (for me!)... but I realize that each application adds character!

Through my experiments over the last few months, I'm really looking at developing a distinctive style and a painting process that excites me while providing me with even more freedom than before. Ultimately, I want to stop thinking while I'm painting! The plain rendering of values at the underpainting stage is a step in that direction. Applying fluid paint or fluid textures over a "grisaille" underpainting becomes a "no brainer". Dripping and splattering introduce an element of chance which also falls in line with this kind of thinking. Hey, I'm still thinking!

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