Monday, September 5, 2011

Close encounter with a flying object - final... Wanting to explore the "blur"!

I used this final step to increase color saturation here and there, leaving this painting relatively unfinished...

This one was another candidate for a mat varnish after I made slight corrections in the curvature of both arms. I photographed it in the bright sunshine...

Although I favour close-ups since they make figurative abstraction easier to achieve, I still feel the need to further explore the full figure with the ultimate objective of tipping the scale towards abstraction a little. Eventually, whatever my point of view, the general look of my works should remain the same... but to do that, I need to subjugate my rational mind... it's been on my "to do" list for a while!

Note to self: "All of a sudden I want to explore free-flowing textures and flowing paint... real bad!"

Sub-note to self: "I think my new direction stems from wanting to deconstruct from pure realism rather than from impressionistic realism. I think it's a question of maximizing the impact of deconstruction for me..."

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