Thursday, September 2, 2010

Behind women's eyes III - step III... Going the route of color separation, albeit timidly!

I guess my quest for the ultimate technique is not over yet! With this second color pass, it's becoming apparent that I'm trying to go deeper into an area that I've been shying away from...

... i.e., separating colors by not blending them after they've been applied with a sweeping (or mopping) motion from either the brush or the palette knife. Eventually, I would like to go for improbable color combinations. For now, I'm trying to find my way with this new approach (for me), which evolved from the previous paintings... pretty much by accident... or just naturally! In a way, wanting to leave distinct marks on a black background led to wanting to do the same when using colors.

Some adjustments led to this "close to final" version:

Note to self: "Now that I think of it, I should stick to what comes naturally for me when applying paint and go for results as opposed to technique! I think this is the path to my personal style..."

Sub-note to self: "I should stop painting when I start thinking!"

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