Thursday, September 16, 2010

Behind women's eyes V - step I... a point of irony to finish this series!

With this one in the making, I think I have enough of these "soul" paintings (behind women's eyes) to complement the "body" component (Yoga postures) of my upcoming "body and soul" exhibition in February 2011...

It was only a matter of time before I featured myself in one of these paintings via a discreet cameo appearance "à la Hitchcock" ...

... evidently, this could be considered a new low in conceptual art, i.e., to think that what's behind a woman's eyes is merely a reflection of what's in front of them... how daring (just kidding)!

Note to self: "Successful contemporary artists nowadays use art to make powerful, shocking, borderline acceptable statements about the human condition, war, life and death. As my ability increases (albeit rather slowly), it's becoming tempting to unleash my acidic/cynical sense of humour and graphic capabilities against specific aspects of society and human behaviour that could be considered as suboptimal, ironic or downright hilarious... something to mull over... as a potential side-line besides my normal production."

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