Friday, August 27, 2010

Behind women's eyes II - step III... A second color pass leaving me "gaga"!

Not having a lot of time at my disposal today (I spend most of my Fridays trying to impress the "muse" by prepping the house and the garden for the weekends), I proceeded with a quick layer of semi transparent colors...

I don't know what to make of it... but I know there's no coming back!

Note: I wanted to part from the model with my initial drawing... but the model's character prevailed in the end... since it was closer to what I wanted to convey deep down!

A bonus today: the hibiscus looks like a "pompous ass"...

Note to self: "I think I'm evolving towards strategic darks, strategic transparency, strategic opacity, strategic textures, strategic bare canvas, strategic brush strokes and strategic palette knife strokes. In a nutshell, the coexistence of all paint application strategies right from the outset, implemented intuitively and in total freedom, none of them dominant!"

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