Friday, August 20, 2010

Behind women's eyes I step II... Trying not to lose face... with a new evolving technique!

Not much time to paint today. I did take some time though to find a face in my previous obscure color mess...

... and seem to have found a path. So far, I've been using the palette knife exclusively. The next few passes will be done with both the palette knife and the brush. My aim is to slowly build contrast from one layer to the other.... and go for a look that's "rough and beautiful"! Along the way, analyzing each layer (what I like and dislike) will help me develop a more optimal technique for this "light over dark" approach. I kinda like the effect of spreading light colors over a dark background with a palette knife... and obviously want more of that in my future paintings!

Note to self: "Based on previous experimental paintings including this one... it is becoming clear that strategic darks will ultimately be the answer. I went from a fully dark background to a partially dark background (the face area with this one)... so its heading in the direction of more economy with dark areas..."

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