Sunday, August 22, 2010

Behind women's eyes I step III... Forging my way by alternating scumbling and scraping!

On this second pass, I found it easier to use a scumbling technique while I was still trying to find my way...

Before the fourth and last layer, I will apply another coat of a "faux encaustic" acrylic formula to keep building refractions and give somewhat of a waxy look to the whole painting. I'm looking at improving colors by reintroducing the palette knife in the facial area. Also, further improvements in facial proportions will be the order of the day...

Note to self: "During the previous pass, I saw the potential for an interesting contemporary approach based on fluid transparency and opaque passages. However, by the time I noticed, it was too late to make this potential new approach work. Gotta save that one for rainy days!"

Sub-note to self: "In a mischievous kind of way, I seem to be looking at creating a laboured look in 2-3 passes... how presumptuous!"

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