Thursday, August 26, 2010

Behind women's eyes II - step II... The rebel is showing up... for the first time?

I let go with this first color pass, and what had to come out came out...

The face went from angelical to totally raw... but it does express what I wanted to express about this kind of stare! I used both the palette knife and the brush and tried to accomplish as much as I could with this first pass doing everything at once. This time around, I tried to leave decisive marks with whatever method I was using to compound the various textural effects. I think this result expresses the unadulterated truth about me. The second pass should be brief and final... and introduce a minimum of lies!

This is another 36 X 36 canvas.

Note to self: "On second thought, the previous painting was certainly decorative but not really visceral. I want to pour my guts for a change in the realization of my future works!"

Subnote to self:"Is this a new trend?"

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