Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ready to start a new canvas... but only after having written another chapter in my house owner manual!

It seems the recent heat wave has challenged our archaic air condition unit big time: it went belly up last week! The expert who advised us to replace the furnace in support of a new unit had a point. The dismantling of the furnace with the help of my brother in law (I owe you one man) confirmed the diagnosis...

... my backyard is now full of rusty sculptures, a manner of seeing! After 2 months of renovation in the basement, I need a vacation... from the house... big time!

Meanwhile, I'm still thinking about my next move in art. My rational mind spoke in the previous post but my heart is still disturbed by the Claudel painting (its color nuances are hard to depict in a photo). I'm profoundly taken by the desire to innovate, to produce works that part dramatically from my own tradition, to produce works that are both puzzling and intriguing, and that leave a lasting mark in people's minds, to produce works with a minimalist approach that are full of complexities, to produce works one single brush stroke at a time like Zen artists...

Note to self: "I seem to have a dire need for a period of calm in my art... at least for a while. However, I still want to pursue more extreme forms of expressionism. Going with 2 streams of works seems inevitable since I'm not willing to compromise at this stage!"

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