Monday, July 12, 2010

Branching out...

The last month was a month of (frantic?) exploration for me, looking for a sense of direction in my future art. In light of my recent experiments, I want to give a go at loose figurative work realized on darker abstracted backgrounds with textures, and on a fairly large scale. I'm fascinated by metallic paint but only plan to use it with restraint as a subtle design element to accentuate the contemporary look of my art. With this new approach, I see an opportunity in emphasizing form rather than the line, like a sculptor. Freedom of expression is also key. I want to shy away from a purely technical approach, although I may experiment from time to time with a less expressive approach (e.g., Claudel) for the sake of curiosity or simply for pleasure.

Stay tuned for more... as I initiate my "macha" series!

Note: I took the opportunity to complete the sunshine girl painting accentuating contrasts here and there...

During the past long weekend, I had the chance to visit a few art galleries in Toronto and Kingston. As usual, there is always something to be learned from talking directly to artists. A young successful artist gave me a few tips on the use of epoxy varnish... and I can't wait to apply this newly acquired knowledge on the above painting.

Note to self: "If I constantly keep a few streams of experiments going on at all times, the different techniques developed are likely to converge... for the betterment of my art... I think!"


Esther Barend - Expressionista said...

Hi Ron,
Keep on experimenting, it will bring you a lot of interesting new techniques and developments!
And thank you for your comments and compliments and good luck-wishes on my blog. This is really nice of you!

About the This-iz-art-blog... I want to continue with it, but I'm too occupied right now, so it has to wait for a while.

Indeed, there are a lot of great contemporary artists.
For more great art you could take a look at:
(this one should interest you highly because you're a portrait-painter as well!)

Don't get stuck to your computer though... and go make some new art yourself!
Have a great time doing that!!!

Ron Gravel said...

Esther, its generous of you to volunteer this info. I find your abstract art and the way your drive your career quite inspiring...