Friday, July 30, 2010

Macha I - steps II-III... gone the route of experimentation, again!

The 3rd and 4th color passes led to this final version:

This experiment with metallic paint concludes my series: metallic paint for finishing touches, metallic paint throughout the painting, metallic paint as underpainting (this one). There is a vocation for each. As for my need for more calm in my art... it lasted the time of one painting (Claudel)!

The metallic paint techniques are worth developing further, but working on dark abstract backgrounds seems an easier way to achieve drama for this "Macha" series. Also, I want to part from the model with more of an expressionist style for the rendering, i.e., using thick paint with a painting knife on larger formats. I wouldn't mind re-doing this painting with this paradigm in mind...

Note to self: "In dealing with a copper metallic underpainting, forgetting about the copper seems to be the best avenue for now, i.e., letting nature take care of itself, so to speak. In the end though, the highly reflective angle has to be as interesting and as effective as the non reflective one, a bit of a challenge in itself!"

Subnote to self: "A new look needs some getting used to... but once it's integrated... there's no coming back. I need to catch up to unforeseeable developments... after the fact! I would like the last painting to be the cumulative total of all my key learnings thus far..."

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