Thursday, July 8, 2010

Macha series - experiment 3 final... Claudel on copper: I felt like a welder, not a painter!

The last yard with this painting was interesting as I kept adding copper for corrections and to achieve likeness...

To retain as much iridescence as possible, I ended up mixing my darks with stainless steel using it as a neutral color.

Some weird reflections here, but certainly intriguing to say the least.

Note: I spent more time with the mirror for this one... and ended up having a hard time reconciling with the unreflected reality, notwithstanding the one gazillion versions depending on the viewing angle!

Note to self: "I feel propelled towards the unknown... and kind of attracted by it... so be it!


FranceT said...

Bonjour Ron,

Je suis vraiment impressionnée par votre peinture "Claudel on copper". Continuez votre exploration. J'adore lire votre blogue.


Ron Gravel said...

Salut France, merci pour le commentaire et pour votre appréciation. Effectivement, je continue mon exploration... on va voir où ça va me mener!