Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yoga pose XX - step III... I may not have any fight left in me for this series!

I tried different solutions for the background, which proved unsatisfactory...

... and I'm starting to believe that I'm running out of creative spurts for this series. I need to engage in something else.

I'll try a last layer and call it quit!

Note to self: "I should quit while I'm ahead or barely ahead!"


amber said...

Hi Ron How's the weather your way?--It was beautiful here over the weekend,it's raining now.
You have a beautiful patio.
I love the seocnd from last new painting you've done I like them all but I love that one I do yoga so I'm familiar with all those poses--They're really great.
When is the competition?

Ron Gravel said...

Hi Amber,
It's been sunny and hot for days. The weekend was busy with a garage sale (selling and entertaining 5 month old Charlotte!), planting flowers and entertaining friends from Toronto. Wednesday night this week is the night for the art competition (they will divulge winners). Thanks for your comment. How's painting on your side? As I'm evolving (a manner of speaking!) I realize that fans of my art 3 years ago may not like my current art. It takes courage to continue and remain true to one's vision...

amber said...

ouuu Wednesday night of this week is now ... Can't wait to hear about it.
As for ther art fans..it is good to have them, but not really the point.
What I mean is ..you can't hold yourself back for others and there will always be other people who like the new work. Things change life changes, art changes
Thank god for that--cause it would get boring too quickly for me to stay interested.
Good luck tonight-my fingers are crossed!
I'm posting pics just for you

Ron Gravel said...

Amber, thanks for the thought... and your good advice...