Monday, May 3, 2010

Yoga pose XIX - step I ...grinding another one!

I'm getting closer to my objective of 20 paintings for the Yoga series. This is my next 20 X 20 canvas...

I zipped through the preliminary drawing, anxious to build textures with the palette knife, after a short hiatus from impasto painting...

I'm still stunned by the summer-like weather we experienced over the weekend, merely days after the last snow fall!

Reading the last issue of my favourite magazine on contemporary art led me to question what I had in mind in terms of my next moves in art. Many contemporary artist thrive by depicting the peculiar, the provocative, the ambiguous and the ugly using bold expressionistic techniques. I'm attracted by some of that... but I'm not attracted by the ugly! There is nothing within me that would make me want to project angst or anger on canvas. In terms of my future direction, I think the answers are in my questions!

Note to self: "I should go after a brand of figuration that communicates my passion for the subject to the viewer in a most powerful way... but not necessarily with the blatant distortion of reality usually associated with pure expressionism."

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