Thursday, May 6, 2010

Yoga pose XIX final... Not shying away from arts and crafts!

With this one I decided to go "decorative", experimenting with a different brand for gels and pastes (Liquitex)...

Better color retention/saturation seems to be the advantage here. Products that I used before favoured greater transparency and the creation of sharper textural marks. There's a place for different effects. I've just increased my arsenal of tools for the creation of textures!

Meanwhile, I've decided to change my selection for the upcoming art contest in Montreal. Feedback from the muse and friends of ours tipped the scale in favour of these two:

When in doubt, I give more credence to potential customers! At any rate, the painting on the left is more representative of my creative process in 2010... and as such, is an honest choice for the amateur category. I'm submitting the one on the right in the creation/professional category, which is opened to all. I hope, it won't stick out like a sore thumb! I've decided for a title: "Regards vers l'avenir".

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