Thursday, December 1, 2011

I'm in a rut artistically... so any subject that catches my fancy is a good candidate!

I have a series in mind but it will require a model, whom I have arranged for before the New Year. In the interim, I'm totally restless not really committing myself to anything. Under such circumstances, I tend to grab anything I can get my hands on in the pursuit of my artistic objectives! Evidently, this is a manner of speaking!

I took a piece of raw canvas this afternoon, and quickly laid the foundation for a bathing woman...

I'm a bit rusty with large scale raw canvas... but I hope to get back on track with this one quickly. I would like to stop thinking about what I'm gonna do... and simply deliver visually speaking.

Note to self: "These days, I seem to be yanking my yin and my yang from one painting to another haphazardly... I like it!"

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