Monday, March 15, 2010

Yoga pose XIV - step I... Taking my chances!

I hesitated with this one trying to find an acceptable solution between my photographic reference and a last minute live sketch of the "muse" (my partner in crime!)...

... which I felt I needed to circumvent the problem of extreme foreshortening, a photographic artifact. My solution was truncation! I see a glimpse of hope, as I may have avoided starting this painting with a "oops"!

I decided to go with a dark background to emphasize the cross pattern of the arms...

The next layer will be decisive... as I'm still doodling with the brush at this stage... trying to trick my mind into thinking that I'm not painting... although I am! After a 2 year painting spree, I've been running out of gas sort of, but my mandate is to pursue... and mind games are what the doctor ordered!

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