Monday, October 24, 2011

Ultimate fighter XI - step II... a bit off balance again!

Being too hasty, I missed an opportunity for ultimate refraction with this second pass...

With the third pass, I'm not sure if I can get as much "patina" and refraction as with primed canvas without relying on an additional transparent layer of gel acting like a glass layer in-between 2 color layers. I'll soon find out. Raw canvas has a definite textural advantage, but it can lead to a chalky pastel look with fewer layers. I'd like to have it both ways, high patina, lots of textures... in three passes flat!

Note: Initially, I felt like "boxing in" the two fighters to create a smothering effect... as a second thought, I decided to leave some space on the right side... to give the two fighters more room to fall on the way side!

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