Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ultimate fighter XI final... Cropping my way to some composition!

I seem to be running out of decent compositions for this series, at least as it relates to wrestling positions on the floor. After a few passes, it dawned on me that the elbow on the right was sticking out like a sore thumb...

I elected to curb it somewhat for some improvement! Unfortunately, this composition is also showing too much back for my liking, so I guess this one won't be joining the collection!

For the specific look that I'm now after following my recent paintings, it seems that raw canvas may not fit the bill totally. Pigments need to sit on top of the support... and not sink in! The other aspect is that my new pigments are not as powerful as the ones I routinely use, especially with regard to their staining power. Primed canvas doesn't seem to pose a problem with them but raw canvas is a challenge.

Note to self: "Part of the problem with this painting is that I lost my spontaneity by wanting to apply some sort of formula. Moreover, each time I pussy foot around with a painting, and I don't get what I want fast...results always seem suboptimal."

Subnote to self: "I want to detach myself from my over-dependence on video stills and photographs... I want to move to sketches at least for a part of my future production. This is my challenge for next year!"

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