Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fiddling around... Take II of the previous painting on raw canvas, and rambling on my future direction!

Getting towards the end of our renovation project in the master bedroom, I'm left with little energy or desire to paint. For the sake of discipline, I took a 22 X 28 piece of loose canvas this afternoon to test the fluo pink on raw canvas...

I may stretch this one on stretcher bars and see how far I can go with it...

The last few paintings are leading me to take stock and figure out what I'm gonna to do next. Over the last year and a half or so, my general painting philosophy has been large formats, abstract in a close-up and figurative from a distance. Some of my last paintings from last year reflected that fairly well. Recently, I've been clashing abstraction with pure figuration (deconstruction). Abstraction in design has also made an appearance in a few of my paintings on raw canvas (ultimate fighters), which is an interesting development. In terms of abstraction though, there is still a lot that I need to accomplish, especially with the human face or figure.

This year, the appeal of raw canvas has sent me in a slightly different path, which I felt was conducive to developing a more personal style or look while remaining true to my painting philosophy.  However, I now realize that my rendering has progressively gotten tighter on that support (my flocks of birds are an exception), perhaps an unconscious effort to play it safe. Evidently, this is a departure from my usual painting philosophy. More recently, a more narrative approach to painting caught my attention (e.g., the painting above), but that also is not aligned to what I really wanted to accomplish.

I still have a fair amount of regular raw canvas to experiment with. My instinct tells me that I should build on what I have accomplished thus far on regular canvas, and go at it with gusto, using the palette knife and the brush simultaneously. It's when I loosen up that the real me emerges! However, I still want to maintain a painting stream characterized by a more fluid approach with metallic paint and fluo pink.

At the same time as following this game plan, I still want to develop further the contemporary look that made it's appearance in a few of my latest paintings. Time will tell where this is going to lead me!

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