Friday, March 18, 2011

Ultimate fighter V - step I ... a 5th one to integrate everything I've learned about raw cotton/linen!

Post-commission, I decided to tackle the psychological aspect of the ultimate fighter with this next one on the block...

I'd really like to go "urban" with this one using all the tricks of the trade. With previous paintings from this series, I seemed to have had a need for the exploration of  lines and volumes... so I'd like to get back to more colorful stuff... i.e., where I left off with my two flamenco dancers late last year. Working on raw cotton/linen intuitively got me to explore staining at the expense of painting... not surprisingly, I have some withdrawal symptoms having parted momentarily from my usual loose style approach in paint application.

This raw cotton/linen canvas is 36 X 36.

Note to self: "I'm anxious to get back to painting my usual subject matter: women... perhaps a hidden need for balance after all this display of testosterone!"

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