Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ultimate fighter II final... One last experiment on raw canvas prepping!

After completing my last painting, I decided to repeat it on a 50% cotton/50% linen canvas, but this time around sealing the back of the canvas (instead of the front) with some acrylic medium mixed with water...

 I cut corners a little on this one taking about 5 hours to cover the 36 X 36 surface using somewhat of an abbreviated design relative to the previous piece...
 I like the pastel-like, watercolor-like aspects of the rendering, but edges may be too fuzzy for my liking especially considering the requirements of my upcoming series which will focus on the human figure. I'm tempted to revert back to my initial approach with raw canvas, i.e.,  minimally priming the canvas with acrylic medium mixed with water. I've been successful right off the bat with this method painting flocks of birds and the bald eagle. The alternative approach is to patiently apply color washes at the initial stage thus sealing the canvas at least partially. I am just curious about the effect of pure staining, but in my view the aggravation (fuzzy edges, difficulty in spreading paint around) may not be worth it. On the other hand, I like the coarseness and the extra textures I'm getting from raw canvas... in the end it's a matter of balance... I'll play it by ear!
Note to self: "I don't mind the effect of the light grey background on skin tone with this one. Getting used to a new look and new canvas properties could be the name of the game here. I like the new qualities, but what am I leaving behind. As usual, I'm forever attracted to the unknown!"

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