Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jaguar woman I - step I... Applying lessons learned from one support to the other!

These days, I'm looking around for any piece of left over canvas that I can use to experiment further. My intent is to fiddle around until January 2011, before starting any new series. Although my basic painting techniques haven't change much over the last few years, in 2010, I dedicated more time to the exploration of colors and textures. The use of raw canvas recently has led me to mix more paint directly on canvas (somehow it felt more comfortable). With this experiment, I want to see the impact of this newly acquired behaviour on regular gessoed canvas...

The jaguar theme came about last summer during a dream, but I followed suit with only one painting to date, and rather timidly. This time around I want to go "animal"!

Note: I'm not sure how much will be left from the background when I'm finished... but is was fun to let go with this first pass!

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