Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Behind women's eyes X ... Time to seize the moment!

Lately, I've been alternating frantically with different supports (canvases) and techniques with the hope of finding a creative path that's totally me in 2011. As I mentioned before, 2010 was a good year to make further inroads in the areas of color and textures with acrylics. Some of my recent experiments pointed to potentially creative avenues for me, others validated certain techniques and philosophies that I've adhered to thus far. After these creative perturbations, it's time to release to a higher order:
  • I want visceral contemporary art, not solely illustrative or decorative art. 
  • I want deconstruction in my images, the type associated with the expression of fragments of memory. 
  • I want textures, unusual textures and more variety in them.
  • More than anything else, I want freedom in my execution!
I'm starting the next painting with this "modus operandi" in mind...

 ....  want this one to be the sum total of everything that I've learned so far.

Note: The previous painting suggested a potential return to a more conservative approach, negating the lessons learned from my recent experiments. This was a strong prompter to reassess what I really wanted from my art...

Note to self: "Once the mind stretches, it doesn't go back to its original form."

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