Friday, December 3, 2010

Jaguar woman I - step II... The title and the painting: the tail of the dog is wagging the dog!

I like to play with words, and I found out recently that many of my "supposedly creative" expressions are already featured in the English urban dictionary. Case in point, a jaguar is defined, to my surprise, as a 50+ year old woman who likes to go after much younger men (in essence, the next level after a cougar!). Cumulative plastic surgeries often give these women slanted eyes, hence the appellation "jaguar". Well, I'll be damned... may as well follow suit with this painting...

 I barely had an hour today to define the character of the woman a little further... and I decided to go for a feline/oriental look, which I may attenuate a little. In parallel to that, I tried to figure out the background while thinking about my next moves and corrections at the third and final pass. I'm not doing any pirouettes regarding textures with this one.

Note: I don't have the guts to make a statement about these women "à la Otto Dix" (could have done that based on my 1st step!).... so she will get progressively prettier and softer!"

Note to self: "Ever since I dreamed about a jaguar last summer, I've been haunted by the idea of doing something with this theme... it's now of never! I also want to include multiple meanings and ambiguity in my paintings in the future. This will go in line with my "smoke and mirror" umbrella theme for 2011."

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