Friday, February 19, 2010

Yoga pose XI finale... A salvaging exercise: thank God for Chinese calligraphy!

I tried to correct proportions but remained unsatisfied (didn't get the look I wanted and also tried to fit in a narrow design within a 24 X 30 frame, big mistake!). No amount of efforts could save this painting...

... short of cropping it to save the day!

Evidently, this goes with the territory.With regard to technique, I'm left on my appetite as I've started to repeat myself lately! For the next 5 paintings, I would like to separate colors (at least different tones and hues) in the rendering of the figures as opposed to blending them to death. This is likely to be difficult for me but I've done it before!

Note to self: "I think it's time to follow my instincts and forget about wanting this or that!"

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