Monday, February 1, 2010

Yoga pose X - step I... confused in a mellow yellow kind of way!

After some hesitation, I've decided to opt for an exploration of interactions between yellow and black making sure to include toned down (grayed) and high intensity color accents for variety...

Funny thing... after a one week break from painting (I'm getting ready to repaint my studio after a major clean up), it feels like I don't know how to paint any more! One thing is for sure, I'm determined to stay loose and intuitive up to the final layer. It appears music can help curb the rational brain in favour of the intuitive brain during the act of painting... harnessing my intuition is definitely an important next step in my becoming a real artist! I used to think a lot between layers and I realize now that this has been to the detriment of my creative process (some thinking is required, however, after having initiated a painting with a sub-optimal design). This is the very reason why many of my watercolor sketches are much better than most artworks I've produced over the last few years with acrylics... it's never too late to learn from one's mistakes!

Note to self; "I feel more comfortable building up layers... the question is: can I get away with 2-3 layers max after the underpainting (as I did with some of my more successful paintings over the last 2 years) while conveying a richness of surface I did not have before? In a way, I should be more preoccupied with results than with the number of layers!"

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