Monday, February 20, 2012

Vortex II - step I... Getting back to the "twirl"!

Having done a fair number of paintings for my "Femmes de feu" series, I now want to redirect some efforts towards the "Vortex" series. I decided to tackle a couple a female fighters as opposed to another close-up of a head as I previously did...

 I would like to deconstruct this one with sweeping circular strokes using thick semi transparent paint.With the previous painting, I  discarded bold textures and emphasized the "immaterial" aspect of the subject without relying on a  "paint for the sake of paint" approach. In this case, I want to achieve an "immaterial" look through the use of a strong vortex-like effect in paint application.

Note: I compared my last painting to a few heavily textured paintings of mine... and was surprised to see how well it held its own! Heavy textures are not everything.... a strong image with thin paint can carry the day!

Note to self: "I have to find a way to mix and match these two opposite approaches!"

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