Thursday, February 16, 2012

Femme de feu final... A tripartite approach that finally speaks to me!

I finished this one in a hurry, anxious to test the grounds on my new three-pronged approach to painting...

This last painting seems to summarize best where I want to go in terms of my future art, an art that best reflects my own preoccupations with regard to graphical expression:
  • A foundation of pure realism (what inspires us, the starting point, the natural world)
  • Deconstruction of some sort giving the sense of the "immaterial" within what's material (the void that permeates everything)
  • Childish Zen-like lines with little involvement from the rational mind but powerful enough to provide an anchor to vanishing forms
Another aspect which, all of a sudden, seems to become important in communicating with the viewer:
  • The use of words and/or meaningful symbols (from a personal standpoint) to reinforce graphical elements
Chinese calligraphy, Chinese black ink painting, Zen art, Zen philosophy and the practice of Taichi have deeply influenced my thinking about art... and this new development in my art is only a beginning!

Note: this painting will be re-shot in the daylight and featured in my "New series 2012" slide show...

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