Thursday, November 22, 2012

Shattered VII - final... Floored by my own painting!

Recently, I predicted that I would have to paint on the floor to accomplish my artistic objectives. Well it looks like the time has come...

I wanted to avoid dripping with this one, so I ended up emulating the Australian aboriginal sand painting technique, with a variance that is!

The tattoo and deconstruction techniques are separated from the image itself, a kind of tension that is intentional.

Next week, I'm back to my country side studio, to take care of some unfinished business!

Note: My intent with this series was to treat each subject as a pure image (realism) while conveying notions of ephemerality (destruction of the image, use of symbols or words) and attempted salvation (crude lines capturing the subject or something about the subject)."

Note to self: "In terms of treatment, this series marks a certain return to what I used to do... but this time with raw canvas. With this last series, there was a trend towards less guts and more brains. Each time this happens, I have an uncontrollable urge to swing in some opposite direction!" 

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