Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Samana fauna final... Vying for artistic freedom!

I left this one relatively unfinished...

... letting the raw canvas do the talking rather than paint. My recent use of the crude three-inch roller has paved the way to the use of two-inch and three-inch brushes for paint application. Calligraphic line-making has also made an appearance in my recent paintings (although there is way too much brain involvement for my liking). I want to use lines as pure expression and as a means to restate vanishing or destroyed forms. I'd like to disconnect the brain after the initial sketch, and part from my original subject matter... to end-up with another subject that has a life of its own. Large formats have become essential to my artistic saga! This canvas is only 28 X 22... and is evidently highly experimental... and solely for its entertainment value!

Note to self: "It's when I'm not serious about painting... that I'm really serious!"

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