Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pipe dream - step II... experimenting with a syrupy first color pass!

With this one, I decided to handle the first color pass by mixing my colors with a syrupy acrylic pouring medium to see the effect at the early stage...

The challenge will be to leverage this underpainting as much as possible when graduating to thicker paint. So far, I've been using the pouring medium to obtain a dripping effect in my recent paintings. With this approach (painting above), I'm going for more uniformity with my textural effects throughout the picture plane. Eyes and lips are suboptimal at this stage since I have other plans than a straightforward rendition.

Note: So far, with raw canvas, I've been dependent upon glazes, palette knife work in certain areas and paint drips.  I now want to add textural effects through the use of semi-fluid paint at the early stage. By combining all these techniques, textural effects and color nuances should become more interesting.

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