Thursday, January 6, 2011

Smoke and mirrors series: Under cover final... Almost committed Harikiri (pun intended)!

Mata Hari presented more of a challenge than I expected...

 ... perhaps because I was still in my New Year's eve stupor (don't drink and paint)! At any rate, after many iterations and after studying different reference pictures, I decided to add a dimple on her chin, sort of exercising artistic license!

In final analysis, I decided to shorten the right hand fingers a bit...

Note: After Camille Claudel, this one was my next one on the block... in my "get them out of my system" series!

Note to self: "Some key learnings in the area of raw canvas painting... I'm glad I didn't quit! After this more traditional rendering, and now that I know what I can do... it's time to let go again!"

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