Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Smoke and mirrors series: Under cover - step II... Still figuring out how to apply paint on raw cotton/linen!

While correcting proportions, I was sent to a totally different path with this one...

... mixing and applying paint in a disorganized fashion as a result of my being off balanced. I reconfirmed the validity of certain techniques and discovered a a few other ones by accident. So not all is lost!

On second thought, this one would benefit from being cropped at the navel level. My original intent was to use a full body pose but I decided to use this one instead on the spur of the moment. I now realize this composition is no better than the first one. I'll try to take advantage of the situation by improving facial  proportions and by eliminating some of the stiffness associated with overworking the face!

Note: This is a 30 X 48 canvas, 30 X 36 cropped...

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