Friday, June 7, 2013

Renovations are making a dent on my painting time!

I've had very little time to paint lately, due to a major house renovation project. Nonetheless, I found the time to take a piece of loose raw cotton (no gesso) and paste Chinese paper on it to see the impact of this new surface on paint application and textural effects...

This technique, which is an offshoot of my previous collage approach, definitely has potential. In actuality, I was investigating the possibility of an additional painting for my US flag series. Looks like my recent live model drawing classes may very well have an influence on my future art! Based on my recent exploratory work though, deconstruction of the image (by whatever means) will remain a prime consideration.

Note to self: "After 5-6 years of exploratory work, I feel the need to bring a little more focus into my art. Combining the best elements of my best recent works could contribute to this."

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